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The dungeons of Hammerwatch have several reoccurring encounters to aid you on you quest.


Using an elevator will allow you to send your money and ore back to town. Money is taxed based on your current town hall level. The game will ask you for confirmation and show you how much you are actually sending back and at what tax rate.

Springs Springs.png

A Spring can spawn on any floor. Using it will restore you to max health and mana as well as fill any empty potion charges you might have.
The only guaranteed spring in the game is directly before Thundersnow on floor 3 of act 5.

Shrines Shrine.png

These can be found rarely in any act. Interacting with one will ask you if you are willing to sacrifice some stats. If you agree you will be rewarded with a state increase. The rewards is random there is no way of knowing what you will get.
Going below 1 health or mana regen will make it drain over time. You will not die if you hit 0 health from this, but you will die if you go to a new stage while at 0 health.

  • 75% gold gain
  • 75% xp gain
  • 50% max health (base only. bonus hp from items still have full effect)
  • 1 health regen
  • 2 mana regen
  • 15% damage
  • 15 armor
  • 15 resistance
  • 150% increased gold gain
  • 200% increased xp gain
  • 100% increaded ore gain
  • 150% max health
  • 3 health regen
  • 4 mana regen
  • 25% damage
  • 15 armor and 15 resistance

Imps File:Imp.png

Imps will show up in the dungeon at random times. After they have appeared they will stay for 2 minutes before leaving. If you are able to get to them before they leave they will reward you with one of the following options.

  • Send your gold to town tax free.
  • Send your ore to town.
  • Refill your potions.
  • Give you some gold. The amount received increases in later acts.
  • Give you some ore. The amount received increases in later acts.
  • Give you some experience. The amount received increases in later acts.
  • Give you some keys. You will always receive one bronze, silver, and gold key with a chance of also receiving an ace key.
  • Give you an common, uncommon, or rare item.


Shops can be found on any floor. The further you are in the dungeon the better but more expensive the offer is.

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Portals and Red Rooms

These rectangular looking portals are the level skippers of the game. They are always found in the first level of every chapter. They only spawn after you defeated the boss of that respective chapter at least once.

Example: for the portal to appear in the mines, you must kill the stone golem, For it to appear in the prison, you must defeat the warden boss once.

What happens when I go in? There are 12 waves of enemies spawn, these enemies will feature monsters common to the next chapter of the game in line. Every 2 waves you receive a random item for a total of 6 items. At the end of the fight, the blood fountains in the middle fill up and act as a potion refill.


The first time you go to the level skip portal is VERY SPECIAL. You gain the COMBO ORB. This is a permanent passive upgrade to all your characters. Its function is to increase your movement speed briefly whenever you get a lot of kills in a short amount of time. Note: it looks like a purple shield, however, it does not provide DEFENSIVE stats. So don’t go too ham carelessly :P