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| '''Fortune''' || '''Tier''' || '''Name''' ||'''Effect'''
| '''Fortune''' || '''Tier''' || '''Name''' ||'''Effect'''
| +1 || 1 || Expanded floors || Bigger Floors
| +1 || 1 || Expanded floors || 15% Bigger Floors
| +2 || 1 || Gentle Traps || Traps do 50% less damage
| +2 || 1 || Gentle Traps || Traps do 50% less damage

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Fountain tiers

After Unlocking the fountain in town, you will be able to throw money into it in chunks of 50, 100, 500, 1000, or 10,000 gold.
The money thrown in will stay in the fountain across different runs and cannot be removed.
The money in the fountain determines the maximum cost of the fortune you can activate. Fortune cost is capped at 200M gold.

Upon selecting and paying for your fortune, you cannot change the fortune without entering the tower and dying or quitting back to the main menu.


The cost of your fortune depends on how many positive and negative effects you turn on, with the final cost being 150 * ((2^FORTUNE) - 1) gold.
If you have negative or 0 fortune, the cost is 0.

Fountain Effects

If you have a negative fortune value, you will gain extra gold and experience based on how negative it is.
The bonus is +(5 * FORTUNE)% gold and experience gain. You do not get any bonus Ore from this.
Many fortunes can only be chosen once the fountain has been upgraded to T2.

Positive fountain effects
Fortune Tier Name Effect
+1 1 Expanded floors 15% Bigger Floors
+2 1 Gentle Traps Traps do 50% less damage
+2 1 Toppled Towers All towers are destroyed
+2 1 Safe Corridors All traps in corridors are disabled
+3 1 Exceptional Consumables All health and mana pickups are 500% more effective
+4 1 Plentiful Gifts Increased chance of finding Imps
+4 1 Bigger Bottle 2 more potion charges
+5 2 Unlimited Springs Springs have unlimited uses
+5 2 Abundant Shops Shops have 2 more items in stock (not the surface shop)
+5 2 Ace Key Receive 1 Ace Key (Only the host gets the key in multiplayer)
+5 1 Infrequent Threats Great threats are less frequent
+5 2 Mysterious Guidance Increased chance of finding Monoliths
+6 2 Glass Walks Enables Glass walks
+6 2 Treasure Hunt Chance for additional chest rooms (Actually creates
more side rooms, which can have chests, gold, or Blueprints in them)
+6 2 Demolished Spawners All spawners are destroyed
+8 2 Ace Chests Higher chance of Ace chests spawning
+8 2 Sluggish Adversaries Enemy movement decreased by 33%
+14 2 Offshore Account Tax reduction: increases the gold threshold for 50% tax by 4x.
E.g. with a level 4 Treasury 50% tax will be reached at 100K gold instead of 25K.
Negative fountain effects
Fortune Tier Name Effect
-1 1 Lousy Consumables All health and mana pickups are 50% less effective
-2 1 Enemy Reinforcements More Enemies
-2 1 Spicy Potions Become confused for 2.5 seconds when drinking a potion charge
-2 1 Lethal Traps Traps deal 200% damage
-4 1 Elite Reinforcements More elite enemies
-4 1 Exhausted Ore Veins No Ore spawns
-5 2 Relentless Threats Great threats are more frequent
-5 2 Enemy Overseers Mini bosses spawn on every floor, excluding Act 4
-5 2 One Man Guild You gain no bonuses from class titles
-6 2 Miners' Strike Elevators are unusable
-6 2 Agile Adversaries Enemies movement speed increased by 50%
-7 2 Dry Springs Springs are unusable
-8 2 Sealed Cracks No secrets will spawn
-10 2 Empty Pockets Enemies will not drop any loot, including bosses
-10 2 Instant Death Your base health is set to 1, health can still be increased with items
-14 2 Public Holiday No dungeon shopkeepers

Glass Walks

Glass walks are a fortune that allows the skipping of some traps or access to otherwise unreachable chests.
The Act 1 Boss is the only boss to have a secret room, and it's only accessible via the glass walk fortune. It contains up to a silver chest.
There are no glass walks on the right half of Battlements floor 2.
The following are most of the current glass walks in game:

Glass Walk Images
Glass1.jpg Glass2.jpg Trap1 1.jpg Trap1 3.jpg
Trap1 4.jpg Trap1 6.jpg Trap1 7.jpg Trap1 10.jpg
Glass3.jpg Glass4.jpg Glass5.jpg Glass6.jpg
Trap4 4.jpg Glass7.jpg Trap5 1.jpg Trap5 7.jpg
BattleGlass1.jpg BattleGlass2.jpg BattleGlass3.jpg BattleGlass4.jpg
BattleGlass5.jpg BattleGlass6.jpg