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Fountain types

When you play the fountain multiple times, multiple results below will be combined. When you get a “something happened” result, this means that both 1 positive event and 1 negative event are added to the stack of effects. "Something great happened" indicates 2 positive events happened, while "something horrible happened" means 2 negative events are added to the stack. Once all effects of either the positive or negative pools have been rolled, additional rolls will do nothing.

Down below are the effects of the fountain rolls...

  • "Good" or "Great" luck
    • Stronger health and mana pickups
    • More gold on the ground
    • Enemy armour is reduced
    • Enemies have lower health
    • More side rooms containing gold and ore generated, more special rooms like shops, ore drop etc.
    • Glass platforms are generated to reach isolated chests or shorcut certain dungeon terrains

  • "Bad" or "Terrible" luck
    • Weaker health and mana pickups
    • Levels are bigger
    • More enemies are generated on the map
    • Prison buttons are stuck on all floors
    • Higher percentage of elite enemies appearing