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Fountain types

When you play the fountain multiple times, multiple results below will be combined. When you get a “something happened” result, this means that both 1 positive event and 1 negative event are added to the stack of effects. "Something great happened" indicates 2 positive events happened, while "something horrible happened" means 2 negative events are added to the stack. Once all effects of have been rolled, additional rolls will do nothing.

Down below are the effects of the fountain rolls...

  • "Good" or "Great" luck
    • Stronger pickups
    • More gold on the ground
    • Enemy armour is reduced
    • Enemies have lower health
    • More side rooms containing gold and ore generated
    • Glass platforms are generated to reach isolated chests

  • "Bad" or "Terrible" luck
    • Weaker pickups
    • Levels are bigger
    • More enemies are generated on the map
    • Prison buttons are stuck on all floors
    • Higher percentage of elite enemies