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The Guild Hall menu is accessed by speaking to a person located in the top left portion of the Town.
The Guild Hall menu may also be assigned to a hotkey via the control settings.

Character Titles

Each playable class grants a permanent global stat bonus to all of your characters when you unlock new Titles.

Each class grants their own unique stat.

New Titles may be obtained by defeating bosses for the first time, and completing the game on higher difficulty settings.

Unlock Paladin Ranger Sorcerer Warlock Thief Priest Wizard
Stat Given Armor Attack Power Mana Regen Resist Gold Bonus% HP Regen Skill Power
No Achievements Novice (0) Novice (0) Novice (0) Novice (0) Novice (0) Novice (0) Novice (0)
Killing The Stone Guardian Apprentice (2) Apprentice (2) Apprentice (0.2) Apprentice (2) Apprentice (2.5) Apprentice (0.1) Apprentice (2)
Killing The Warden Journeyman (4) Journeyman (4) Disciple (0.4) Disciple (4) Journeyman (5) Disciple (0.2) Disciple (4)
Killing The Three Wraiths Squire (7) Scout (7) Arcanist (0.7) Ritualist (7) Bandit (10) Zealot (0.4) Scholar (7)
Killing The Watcher Champion (10) Hunter (10) Enchanter (1.0) Occultist (10) Rogue (15) Patriarch (0.6) Seer (10)
Entering NG+1 Defender (15) Pathfinder (15) Elementalist (1.5) Conjurer (15) Brigand (25) Bishop (1.0) Sage (15)
Entering NG+2 Crusader (20) Warden (20) Channeler (2.0) Diabolist (20) Ruffian (35) Archbishop (1.4) Magus (20)
Entering NG+3 Templar (25) Sentinel (25) Evoker (2.5) Netherlord (25) Infiltrator (45) Cardinal (1.8) Battlemage (25)
Entering NG+4 Lightbringer (30) Guardian (30) Spellbinder (3.0) Deathlord (30) Assassin (55) Pope (2.2) Archmage (30)

Guild Titles

Your guild is leveled up by completing tasks. Upon leveling up your guild level, you gain various amounts of gold, ore and 3 permanent skill points (stars) to spend on skills.
These skill points will be available to even brand new level 1 characters and are cumulative. The last 4 guild level titles are not currently implemented into the game.

Guild Title Exp Required Cumulative Skill Stars Gold Awarded Ore Awarded
Unknown 0 0 x x x
Recognized x x x x x
Acknowledged x x x x x
Respected x x x x x
Memorable x x x x x
Prominent x x x x x
Distinguished x x x x x
Famous x x x x x
Acclaimed x x x x x
Illustrious x x x x x
Celebrated x x x x x
Glorious x x x x x
Exalted x x x x x
Fabled x x x x x
Legendary x x x x x

Guild Achievements