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Mechanics are the dictations of how the game works. Health, attacks, currencies, etc, are all mechanics. This portion of the wiki describes how each one affects each other. Here we discuss some of the basic functions of mechanics that may pertain to more than only Heroes of Hammerwatch.

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Heroes of Hammerwatch's mechanical portions run at a rate of 33ms for every tick, or at a rate of 30fps. Much of the game is processed in this 30 fps tickrate, such as DoT timers, speed, collision, etc.

The player is dealt fire or poison damage every 15 ticks, for a total time of 75 ticks, leading to 5 damage hits.

Trap cycles are measured in ticks by the game to know when to fire an arrow, raise and lower spikes, or when the player should be dealt another hit from a spike or flame trap.

Random Number Generators

RNGs are algorithms within code to generate an pseudo-random number that can be used to generate a seemingly random output. This plays a role when deciding what the outcome of "RNG buttons" one may find occasionally in a run will be. Similarly it is used to choose what item tier and item you get from a chest.


Move speed it set to a base value of 2.4 and is able to be increased or decreased by various factors in the game such as drinks, items, and status effects like poison or slowness from ice attacks.

The game has a hard cap on move speed of 5.0, so no matter how many boosts you activate at once, you cannot move faster than that in an un-modded game.

Items and effects that say that they give a +x% or -x% move speed bonus have that effect applied to the value seen in your character screen. The Last Stand and On the Run drinks visibly change that value, with last stand applying to the sum total of all all movement speed increasing items. After that, then the move speed bonuses from things like combo or the Cape of Withdrawal will be applied additively.

Other ways the player can be moved is via being pushed by enemies, by wind on The Battlements, and by walls or pillars that attempt to nudge the player back inbounds. The latter can sometimes kill the player such as in the Watcher boss fight.

Boots of Freedom allow the player to be immune to all slowing effects. These would be poison, freezing, Battlements wind, Thundersnow wind, and the wind from the Arena.

Enemy AI

Enemies use many different strategies to try and kill you, here is a small list of some of the most common ones:

  • Attack you from the sides so swinging straight forward won't work as well
  • Attack then move from their previous spot so player projectiles miss more often
  • Charge straight at you
  • Surround you so escape is harder and allow for more enemies to hit you at once
  • Attack in groups/call for help, enemies that spot you or are hit will often bring those around them to attack as well
  • Summon reinforcements
  • Buff nearby enemies in some manner
  • Attempts to avoid traps if you aren't nearby
  • Goes back to where they were standing if you get too far away

Bosses all have their own AI to keep you on your toes and to ensure you have all your bases covered when it comes to maneuverability and precise movements.