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There are a total of 8 Statues. The Sculptor is located in the desert town.

From left to right: Bolgarth, Calis, Cedric, Ewran, Kyra, Ozreth, Phalarath, Wylmir

In order to build and upgrade Statues, blueprints are required. These can be found in the Pyramids of Prophecy campaign. Any level blueprint can be found during a playthrough regardless of NG level, however, they must be found sequentially(must get lvl 3 before level 4), and the probability of finding blueprints higher than 3 levels above your NG becomes exceedingly low. There is also an ore cost for building and upgrading.

There is No max level for Statues.

Up to 3 can be placed in your town, the boons they provide will be received by any players in your town (If you're in a multiplayer game, you'll receive any Statue Buffs the host has placed). The effects provided are not limited to the desert campaign and will affect tower gameplay as well.

Statues can be used in any combination of 3, and swapping them out doesn't lose any levels invested into them.

Statues and Effects

PoP.png (The Statues are content that is part of the Pyramids of Prophecy DLC)

Name Image Effect
Build effect: 20% faster Primary Attack with a 50% chance to fire 2 arrows dealing 10 Physical damage

Upgrade effect: Base damage of the arrows is increased by 4.

"She who named her bow The One String Harp, 'cause when it was plucked, her enemies would sing in agony."

Build effect: Lowers the health of an attacker by 5% when evading.

Upgrade effect: Each level of the statue increases damage done to disarmed and stunned enemies by +5%

"Snuck in behind enemy lines and gutted pirate Captain Marius, this would eventually stop the siege of Castle Hammerwatch."

Build effect: Picking up mana crystals increases your Mana Regen and Resistance by 20% for 30 seconds.

Upgrade effect: Each level of the statue adds +5% of your Resistance to Skill Power.

"Also known as "The Delayer of Death", at the peak of his career, the cemetery stood empty for many years."

Build effect: 20% chance to block most projectiles.

Upgrade effect: Each level of the statue adds +5% of your Armor to Attack Power.

"Raised from childhood to fight the undead and protect the living. Devoted his life to serve the people."

Build effect: 7.5% to freeze enemies on Primary Attack.

Upgrade effect: Each level of the statue increases damage done to frozen enemies by +5%.

"During a warm summer night, she froze Williamsons Pure Lake so the King could move his troops safely across."

Build effect: 20% faster Skills.

Upgrade effect: Each level of the statue adds 5% of the skill cost as damage to your Skills.

"Used his last breath to blaze the caves and clean out the trolls between Blackbarrow and Fallowfields."

Build effect: 20% chance of enemies leaving a poison cloud when killed that lasts for 4 seconds.

Upgrade effect: Each level of the statue increases damage done to poisoned enemies by +10%.

"An outcast, master in death and decay who paid his debt to society by curing Queen Olivia at the darkest hour."

Build effect: Every 5th Primary Attack in Combo triggers a Combo Blast that deals 100 Magical damage.

Upgrade effect: Each level of the statue increases time to maintain Combo by 0.5 seconds.

"Bolgarth's axe was known as the "Crimson Crescents", because it was always red by the blood of his enemies."

Daran Daran.PNG Build effect: Damage dealt to enemies that are burning has a 10% chance to also inflict bleeding.

Upgrade effect: Each level of the statue increases damage done to burning enemies by 5%.

"Daran, a red priest, drew evil out of heathens with holy fire and bloodsucking maggots."

Upgrade Costs

The formula for statue upgrade costs is:
100 * FLOOR((level+1)^1.5)
Statue Level Ore to Upgrade Difference Total Ore
0 (not built) 100 100 100
1 200 100 300
2 500 300 800
3 800 300 1,600
4 1,100 300 1,700
5 1,400 300 3,100
6 1,800 400 4,900
7 2,200 400 7,100
8 2,700 500 9,800
9 3,100 400 12,900
10 3,600 500 16,500
11 4,100 500 20,600
12 4,600 500 25,200
13 5,200 600 30,400
14 5,800 600 36,200
15 6,400 600 42,600
16 7,000 600 49,600
17 7,600 600 57,200
18 8,200 600 65,400
19 8,900 700 74,300
20 9,600 700 83,900
21 10,300 700 94,200
22 11,000 700 105,200
23 11,700 700 116,900
24 12,500 800 129,400
25 13,200 700 142,600