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The Tavern is unlocked by purchasing it in the Tier 2 Town Hall upgrades.

You may purchase drinks you have found in dungeons to gain special buffs to aid you on your journey.

Upgrading the tavern will allow you to purchase 3/4/5 drinks.


Once you rescue the Thief from the Prison and unlock the first tier of the Tavern, you will be allowed gamble.
Gambling is a simple card flipping game where the highest card number wins.
A draw will result in the 'house' winning.
The 'Spike Trap' card is the Joker, and will win any hand.

Richard Hammer

Richard the bartender is unlocked with the Tavern by default, and will allow you to purchase drinks that you have found in barrels throughout the Tower.

Barrels will contain multiple charges of whatever drink you are given.

Common Drinks

Common drinks are found in plain wooden barrels

Drink Effect
A Fool's Errand Gold Gain x2, HP Regen -5 when still
A Strong Arm Attack Power +x, Armor -x
Ancient Spirit Spell Power +x, Resist -x
Crazy Eye Critical Hit Chance +10%, Armor -20
Lady's Blessing HP Regen +2, Skill Power -x
Lazy Stroll Experience x1.5, Speed -0.4
Mellow Mist Damage Received x0.9, Speed -0.4
Miner's Delight Ore Gain x2, Gold Gain x0.25
On the Run Speed +0.5, Gold Gain x0.75
Smelly Old Man Mana Regen +4, Base HP -x%
Starlight Stinger Skill Critical Chance +15%, Base Mana -x%
The Groovy Ghost Evade +10%, Attack Power -x

Uncommon Drinks

Uncommon drinks are found in barrels with a silver band around them.

Drink Effect
Double Thriller Damage Output x1.75, Damage Received x1.25
Elemental Bruiser Spell Damage x1.75, Spell Cost x1.5
Homemade Hazard Critical Damage xX, Damage Received x1.1
Last Stand Damage Output x1.33 when still, Damage Received x0.5 when still, Speed x0.66
The Last Sin Skill Critical Damage x2, Mana Regen -3

Rare Drinks

Rare drinks are found in barrels with a golden band around them.

Drink Effect
Crimson Death Attack and Skill Lifesteal x%, Receive physical damage while moving
Hammer Time Attack Power +x, Armor -x%
Incendiary Demise x magical damage added to primary attack, Receive 5 ticks of magical damage for hitting enemies
The Mad Proposal Damage Output x4, become VERY confused
Unbalanced Essence Skill Power +x, Resist -x%
Wicked Sickness Damage Output during combo xX, HP Regen -5 while not in combo