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The Thief in his cell

The Tavern is unlocked by purchasing it in the Tier 2 Town Hall upgrades once the Thief has been found in the Prison.
You may purchase drinks you have found in the Tower or Pyramid to gain special buffs to aid you on your journey.

Upgrading the Tavern will allow you to increase you drink limit per run to 3, 4, or 5 and also increases the maximum drink storage in the Tavern.

Thief and Gambling

Once you rescue the Thief from the Prison and unlock the first tier of the Tavern, you will be allowed gamble.
Gambling is a simple card flipping game where the highest card number wins. A draw will result in the 'house' winning and the 'Spike Trap' card is a Joker and will win any hand.

Richard Hammer's Barrel Drinks

Richard the bartender is unlocked with the Tavern by default, and will allow you to purchase drinks that you have found in barrels throughout the Tower. Barrels will contain multiple charges of whatever drink you are given, depending on the rarity and the NG level you are playing on. Uncommon drinks can be found on NG+1 and above and rare drinks on NG+2 and above.

Common Uncommon Rare
Max stacks 32 24 16
Cost if empty 500G 2,000G 5,000G

Common Drinks

Common drinks are found in any level as long as you have the tavern unlocked.

Image Drink Effect
The Groovy Ghost +8% Evasion,
-15 Attack Power
Smelly Old Man +2 Mana Regen,
-10% Base HP
On the Run +0.4 Movement Speed,
-25% Gold Gain
Miner's Delight +100% Ore Gain,
-75% Gold Gain
Mind Control Immune to confusion,
All other debuffs last 100% longer
Mellow Mist -10% Damage Taken,
-0.4 Movement Speed
Lazy Stroll +50% Experience Gain,
-0.4 Movement Speed
Lady's Blessing +2HP Regen,
-15 Skill Power
Enchanted Slammer +10 Physical damage on Primary Attack,
Primary attack costs 2.5% of your current mana
Crazy Eye +10% Primary Critical Hit Chance,
-20 Armor
Ancient Spirit +20 Skill Power,
-10 Resistance
A Strong Arm +25 Attack Power,
-15 Armor
A Fool's Errand +100% Gold Gain,
HP regen set to 0

Uncommon Drinks

Uncommon drinks are found in New Game Plus 1 (NG+1).

Image Drink Effect
The Safe Bet +20% Armor and Resistance,
-5 Luck
The Outlook Special Ore pickups trigger a 50% damage reduction for 30 seconds,
-50% ore gain
The Last Sin +100% Skill Critical Damage,
-33% Mana Regen
The Cranky Clergyman +25 Resistance,
-25% Skill speed
Starlight Stinger +15% Skill Critical Chance,
-25% Base Mana
Slumbering Giant +50 Attack power,
-20% attack speed
Overflowing Physique +50% base Health,
Lose 5% of your current Mana while moving
Last Stand +30% Damage Output Damage Reduction when standing still,
+10% damage taken while moving
Homemade Hazard +100% Primary Critical Damage,
+10% Damage Taken
Elemental Bruiser +75% Skill Damage,
+50% Skill Costs
Double Thriller +75% Damage Dealt,
+25% Damage Taken

Rare Drinks

Rare drinks are found in New Game Plus 2 (NG+2).

Image Drink Effect
Wicked Sickness +200% Damage dealt during combo,
-50% damage dealt out of combo
Unbalanced Essence +100 Skill Power,
Lose 10% of current mana when casting a skill
The Mad Proposal +400% Damage dealt,
Gain a permanent state of Vertigo
Stab In The Dark 50% chance to score a Critical Hit on Primary Attack,
Darkness effect for 1.5 seconds when using your Primary Attack
Spilled Blood Primary Attack applies bleeding,
-20% base Health
Perpetual Desire All pickups (coins, ore, mana crystals) activate combo,
+100% skill cost out of combo
Kinetic Kiss Gain 2.5% of your max Mana while moving,
Lose all your Mana when taking damage
Incendiary Demise +40 magical damage on primary attack,
Set on fire when hitting enemies with primary attacks
Hammer Time +100 Attack Power,
Lose 5% of current HP while standing still
Frenetic Eruption 5% chance of triggering Combo on critical hits,
+20% damage taken out of Combo
Evil Infusion 5% Lifesteal on skills,
Lose 10% of current HP when casting a skill
Crimson Death +5% Lifesteal on primary attacks,
Lose 2.5% of current health while moving