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List of Epic Gear
Image Name Effect Blueprint Set
Crown of Kings +50% base Health and Mana King's Regalia
Dragonscale Mail Take 25% less damage
Phoenix Feather PoP.png Automatically use a potion charge on a damage instance that would kill you
Mask of Bewilderment Primary Attack applies confusion for 2.5 seconds.
Queen's Tiara PoP.png +50% base Health and Mana (Only available in the DLC campaign) Queen's Radiance
Ring of Arcane Powers Spells are 25% cheaper to cast
Searing Sabatons Leaves a trail of fire while moving that lasts for 5 seconds and does 25 Magical damage.
Sphere of Champions Increase attack and skill power by 60 during combo Spheres of Power
Boots of Freedom Immunity to all slow effects.