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Hi, I'm Kelly.

You can find me on discord.

In case people find it useful, here is my .cfg file, with common debug tools set up for keybinds. Numpad * will toggle e_cheats, then the numpad itself toggles various debug tools. The F keys also have things assigned to them.

ui_show_intro 0

ui_show_tutorial_map_overlay 0
ui_show_tutorial_use 0
ui_show_tutorial_player_menu 0
ui_show_tutorial_guild_menu 0
cs_height .6
cs_show_log 1
ui_scale .8
g_disable_saving 0

bind kp_multiply "toggle e_cheats"

bind kp_0 "toggle r_draw_scripts_lines"
bind kp_1 "toggle r_draw_scripts"
bind kp_1 "toggle r_draw_scripts_compact"
bind kp_1 "toggle r_draw_scripts_lines"
bind kp_1 "toggle r_draw_scripts_names"

bind kp_2 "toggle r_draw_collision"
bind kp_3 "toggle r_draw_physics"

bind kp_7 "toggle debug_widgets"
bind kp_7 "toggle inspect_widget"
bind kp_8 "toggle ui_cursor_unit"
bind kp_9 "toggle cs_show_menu"

bind f4 "toggle ui_hide_fog"
bind f4 "toggle god"
bind f4 "toggle noclip"
bind f4 "killall"

bind f7 "g_timescale 1"
bind f8 "g_timescale 5"
bind f9 "g_timescale 0.3"

bind f10 "ui_flags 0"
bind f11 "ui_flags 2"

v_trap_cursor 0

clientfollowshost false

g_pure 1

ui_show_tutorial_attack2 0
ui_show_tutorial_attack1 0

g_language english
g_menustyle ?
g_screenshake 2.000000
g_laser_sight 1
ui_key_count true
ui_minimap_size -1
ui_minimap_alpha 0.590909
ui_cursor_alpha 0.555844
ui_speechbubble_alpha 1.000000
g_pet_alpha 1.000000
ui_cursor_health false
ui_draw_plr_names 1
ui_draw_plr_names_real true
ui_hud_coop_forced true
ui_hud_mercenary true
ui_txt true
ui_txt_enemy_hurt_husk aa9000
ui_txt_enemy_hurt_local ffd800
snd_volume 0.000000
snd_volume_music 0.476190
snd_volume_sfx 0.482143
snd_volume_env 0.488095
snd_volume_ui 0.476190
v_resolution 1920x800
v_fullscreen 0
v_vsync false
v_forced_aspect_ratio 2.400000
v_fps_limit 0
rg_pixel_perfect true
r_hdr true
r_light_decal_proj true
r_shadows 2
r_draw_glow true
r_draw_xray true
r_draw_outlines true
rg_brightness 0.000000
rg_gamma 2.200000
rg_contrast 1.000000
rg_crt_curve 0.000000
g_save_slot 2

Corgi-jump-kelly big.gif