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The Chapel in-game menu.

The Chapel is a town upgrade that is purchased at the Town Hall. It unlocks the Priest class and allows individual characters to purchase blessings from the preacher, one from each tier. The first tier is unlocked for fifteen ore as part of the second set of upgrades in the Town Hall, the subsequent tiers cost 35, 135 and 250 ore and are respectively purchased as part of the third, fifth and sixth set of town upgrades. Originally blessings were locked in a fixed pattern of purchase, meaning that each bought blessing would only allow access to one of the two directly below it. This was removed in the update released along with Pyramids of Prophecy, where a single blessing in a row is available at all times. The update also added the sixth tier, and lets the player "convert" without having to repurchase any previously-bought blessings, as these are then always available to pick if he so chooses.


Blessing Effect Image
Tier 1
10,000 gold
Path of Warrior Increases damage of your primary attack by 20%. PathOfWarrior.png
Path of Defender Decreases damage taken by 20%. PathOfDefender.png
Path of the Magician Increases damage of your skills by 20%. PathOfTheMagician.png
Tier 2
20,000 gold
Blessing of Might Physical damage ignores 20% of the enemies armor. BlessingOfMight.png
Blessing of Life Increases your health regen by 100%. BlessingOfLife.png
Blessing of Mind Increases your mana regen by 100%. BlessingOfMind.png
Blessing of Intellect Magical damage ignores 20% of the enemies resistance. BlessingOfIntellect.png
Tier 3
50,000 gold
Symbol of Force Increases critical damage on your primary attack by 100%.

Unlike Blessing of Life / Mind, this does not double the affected attribute, but provides a flat increase of +1x instead.

Symbol of Essence Gain 2.5% lifesteal on primary attack. SymbolOfEssence.png
Symbol of Retribution Returns 250% damage to the attacker when hit. SymbolOfRetribution.png
Symbol of Wisdom Decreases the mana cost of your skills by 25%. SymbolOfWisdom.png
Symbol of Focus Increases critical damage of skills by 100%.

Unlike Blessing of Life / Mind, this does not double the affected attribute, but provides a flat increase of +1x instead

Tier 4
100,000 gold
Divine Hammer Primary Attack throws a hammer in a forward direction dealing 25 Physical damage. Has a cooldown of 0.3 seconds. DivineHammer.png
Divine Bomb Primary Attack drops a bomb dealing 125 Physical damage. Has a cooldown of 1 second. DivineBomb.png
Divine Blast Primary Attack triggers an explosion dealing 10 Magical damage. Has a cooldown of 0.25 seconds DivineBlast.png
Divine Strike Primary Attack fires a bolt at a nearby random enemy dealing 12 magic damage. Has a cooldown of 0.01 seconds. DivineStrike.png