Ore Trader

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The miner stuck in the Mines

To unlock the ore trader, you have to first find him in the Mines.
The Ore Trader is an NPC located near the entrance to the mines which allows the player to exchange gold for ore.
His rates become better with each upgrade tier and at rank 3 purchasing ore can be an effective way to dodge the tax rate for sending gold back to town.
The Ore trader is also a way to store money for other characters or for the next run if the previous one fails and you sent no gold back to town.

Ratio is formatted Sell:Buy. so f.ex if you have Ore Trader 1 and Sell 15 Ore, you get enough gold to buy 2

Tier Upgrade Cost Trade Rate Buy Price Sell Price
1 5 Ore 15:2 1,500G 200G
2 10 Ore 25:7 1,250G 350G
3 30 Ore 2:1 1,000G 500G
4 60 Ore 8:7 800G 700G
105 Ore 8:7 800G 700G