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The Magic Anvil in the Armory

The Magic Anvil is located next to the Blacksmith of the Town once retrieved from the Armory.

Blueprint Acquisition

A blue- print

The Armory has a small chance to spawn the Magic Anvil in NG+0. In NG+1 and beyond, the spawn chance is almost 100%.

Once the anvil is collected, players can see and collect blueprints for Items up to Rare quality. Upon collection, blueprints will be available for use on all your characters. Similar to the Tavern barrel drinks, uncommon blueprints only start appearing in NG+1 and rare blueprints in NG+2.

There are 52 Common, 52 Uncommon, and 33 Rare for a total of 137 Blueprints to collect.

Item Attunement

In the Magic Anvil's menu, you can use Skill Stars to attune items.

An attuned item in your inventory is treated as two copies of the same item, except that it still only counts as 1 item for the purposes of sets or set bonuses. For example, an attuned Blackjack does not give you a 20% chance to stun for 4 seconds. Instead, an attuned Blackjack gives you two separate 10% rolls to stun for 2 seconds; this leads to a cumulative 19% chance to stun for 2 seconds.

Attunement is handled per-character, not per-account. For example, if you attune a Great Helm on Jerry the Paladin, it will not yet be Attuned on Michelle the Paladin.

Attuning set items does NOT attune the set effect. Items found in the tower that you have attuned will also be attuned.


You can forge one item every run from the Magic Anvil using ore.

Cost: Attuning Forging
Common 3 Stars 5 Ore (10 if a set item)
Uncommon 9 Stars 10 Ore (20 if a set item)
Rare 18 Stars 25 Ore (40 if a set item)

You can attune as many items as you wish, as long as you have the Skill Stars and the usable blueprints required. Those items, gained from any source, will be attuned.

To attune every available item, 1047 Skill Stars are required.

To attune all available items and max out a character's skills, 1224 Skill Stars are required. With a maximum-level guild, this is attainable at level 133.

Blueprint Limitations

Epic and Legendary items do not have blueprints.

An extra 4 items also do not have blueprints, due to being available only in the Pyramid of Prophecy Campaign. Additionally, Golden Lamp and the Crescents of the Moon set do not currently have a blueprint.

Queen's CuirassPoP.png
Queen's DaggerPoP.png
Queen's JewelPoP.png
Queen's NecklacePoP.png
Golden LampPoP.png
Waning CrescentMT.png
Waxing CrescentMT.png