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Companions are available for purchase in The Outlook from an NPC located near the stairs to the Guild Hall.

Once equipped, it will follow the player, automatically gathering gold and ore for the player within that companion's range.

Companions must be unlocked per character (like blessings).

Each companion has two different designs. You do not need to spend gold on changing designs.

Companion Stats

Pet Cost Speed Idle Speed Range Idle Range Min Idle Range Pickup Leash Range Special
Imp 25,000 4.7 3.2 40 16 200 225 -
Scarab PoP.png 50,000 5.5 4 50 20 160 180 -
Raven Icon wh.png 100,000 4.3 2.7 80 - 200 300 Can fly over obstacles

Companion Appearance

Pet Style A Style B
Scarab PoP.png
Raven Icon wh.png