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The Tailor is found within the guild hall. Talking to him will allow you change the colors of your character and rename it.


Dyes are found while going through the dungeon similar to blueprints and tavern drinks where uncommon dyes are found on NG1 and above, and rares on NG2 and above.

There are a total of 55 colors to choose from, 41 of which are dyes that you can find in the tower.

Different classes wear different materials, and as such need different dyes. The following table shows what materials each class uses.

Material 1 Material 2 Material 3 Material 4
Paladin Metal Metal Metal Metal
Priest Cloth Cloth Cloth Wood
Ranger Cloth Cloth Leather Wood
Sorcerer Cloth Cloth Cloth None
Thief Cloth Cloth Leather Leather
Warlock Metal Cloth Wood None
Wizard Cloth Cloth Wood None

Dye List

For all
Name Rarity
Shade1 Default
Shade2 Default
Shade3 Default
Shade4 Default
For all
Color Rarity
Blonde Default
Brown Default
Black Default
Byzantine Common
Dark Brown Common
Gray Common
Dark Gray Uncommon
Fandango Uncommon
Red Uncommon
Vermilion Uncommon
White Uncommon
Blue Rare
Flame Rare
Frozen Rare
Green Rare
Phantom Rare
Pink Rare
Prism Rare
For all except Paladin
Color Rarity
Blue Default
Brown Default
Green Default
Red Default
Lavender Common
Leathered Common
Light Blue Common
Salmon Common
Sand Common
Aqua Uncommon
Ash Uncommon
Elven Uncommon
Forest Uncommon
Gray Uncommon
Lemon Uncommon
Metallic Uncommon
Moss Uncommon
Pink Uncommon
Tan Uncommon
Banshee Rare
Gold Rare
Ice Rare
Lime Rare
Magma Rare
Midnight Rare
Scarlet Rare
Solaire Rare
Teal Rare
Violet Rare
White Rare
For Paladin, Warlock, & Gladiator
Name Rarity
Gray Default
Light blue Default
Green Default
Blue Common
Citrus Common
Jungle PoP.png Common
Orange Common
Patina Common
Coagulation PoP.png Uncommon
Dark Blue Uncommon
Darkness PoP.png Uncommon
Jade Uncommon
Lilac Uncommon
Pink Uncommon
Purple Uncommon
Rust Uncommon
Silver Uncommon
Black Rare
Bright PoP.png Rare
Gold Rare
Hailstone Rare
Iridescent Rare
Molten Rare
Resurrected PoP.png Rare
Ruby Rare
For Ranger, Thief, & Gladiator
Name Rarity
Brown Default
Red Default
Desert PoP.png Common
Garnet Common
Sunny Common
Black Uncommon
Eclipse Uncommon
Gore PoP.png Uncommon
Liana PoP.png Uncommon
Pink Uncommon
Tar Uncommon
Violet Uncommon
White Uncommon
Amber Rare
Blue Rare
Frost Rare
Ghost PoP.png Rare
Gilded Rare
Green Rare
For Priest, Ranger, Warlock, & Wizard
Name Rarity
Light brown Default
Dark brown Default
Black Common
Bumblebee Common
Green Common
Mahogany PoP.png Common
White Common
Blood Uncommon
Blue Uncommon
Darkside Uncommon
Malachite Uncommon
Rivulet PoP.png Uncommon
Violet Uncommon
Glacier Rare
Gold Rare
Hearth Rare
Pink Rare
Spectre PoP.png Rare