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Welcome to the modding page! This page is dedicated to offering a list of important information in a ladder to get around modding Heroes of Hammerwatch!

Modding resouces

Starting a mod


How to use:

  • Assets
  • Tilemaps
  • Environment lighting

.unit,.effect & .inc

  • Doodads
  • Actors
  • Items
  • Link child unit to inc. (Like the act walls!)


  • Linking worldscripts

How to put those into:

  • Levels
  • Prefabs

How to put Prefabs into:

  • Levels! lol

Custom assets page

How to add:


Class models


  • GUI modification and creation
  • GUI scripts


  • Worldscript
  • Gamemode scripts

Upload to workshop

How to upload to the workshop

List of common resources