City of Stone

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The City of Stone is accessible after purchasing and installing the Pyramid of Prophecy DLC for Heroes of Hammerwatch.

The City of Stone is a run down city that used to be a thriving mine, but after the Ore veins dried up people packed their bags and moved out. It is still occupied by a few people and connected to The Outlook by a lift, as the regular passage through the mountain has caved in.

The City of Stone has most of the same structures that The Outlook does, with the notable exception of the Magic Anvil and Ore Trader.

Things unique to the city are the Arena, a place where your endure waves of ever more difficult enemies for the enjoyment of the crowd, the Retired Gladiator Where you can incrementally improve your character by spending gold and the reward swords from the Arena, new Statues and the Pyramid of Prophecy.

From left to right: Bolgarth, Calis, Cedric, Ewran, Kyra, Ozreth, Phalarath, Wylmir

Statues can be acquired by traveling towards and through the pyramid, picking up statue blueprints, which are orange, and spending ore to build and upgrade them. Each rewards the player with strong buffs that can use in the Tower and Arena as well. The player can find generally find statue blueprints up to 3 tiers higher than the NG level they are currently on. So a NG+0 run can give T3 blueprints, a NG+5 run can give T8 blueprints, and so on. There is a exceedingly small chance to receive a blueprint higher than 3 levels above your current NG level, but it shouldn't be relied upon.

The pyramid is a new dungeon to crawl through and explore. It consists of 3 acts with 1 boss each. Completing a run in the pyramid will reward the player with a Genie that resides in the player's potion bottle, coming out to aid you when drank. Additionally the player will receive 10 Skill Stars.

Because of the endless nature of the Arena and Statue upgrades, the town effectively acts as both a gold and ore sink. So long as you continue pushing higher in the Arena and deeper into the pyramid, there will always be money to spend in the City of Stone.


There are NPCs around the City of Stone that Talk about events in the past, specifically ones from Hammerwatch 1. If you go far enough to the south (between a bunch of bolders along the right boundary of the map) you can speak with some of them and read about the events that lead up to the current state of the pyramid you're about to delve into.

To the west of the entrance to the south half of the city there sits a djinn called "The Visitor" that speaks on the mechanics of the Portal system seen in Midway and Act 3 of the Pyramid of Prophecy. Specifically that while the djinns are peaceful and seek nothing but to meditate, if you disturb them they will immediately tear a rift to their world of Semblance and 5 random djinns will appear and attack the player. They are Aberrations.