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The Legacy Shop is located in the Path Of Sorrow, Legacy Points can be spent here for Cosmetic Items for your Characters.

Once bought, they are available to all characters on your account.




Bronzed Skin Bronzed.png
Demonic Skin Demonic.png
Frosted Skin Frosted.png
Ghastly Skin Ghastly.png
Gilded Skin Gilded.png
Pale Skin Pale.png
Risen Skin Risen.png
Rock Skin Rock.png


Darkness Hair Darkness.gif
Emerald Hair Emerald.gif
Frozen Hair Frozen.gif
Molten Hair Molten.gif
Rainbow Hair Rainbow.gif


Darkness Apparel Darkness.gif
Divine Apparel Divine.gif
Emerald Apparel Emerald.gif
Frozen Apparel Frozen.gif
Molten Apparel Molten.gif
Rainbow Apparel Rainbow.gif


Trail a000ff.gif Trail Australia.gif Trail Blizzard.gif Trail Blue Lightning.gif Trail Breadcrumbs.gif Trail Bubbles.gif Trail Canada.gif
a000ff Australia Blizzard Blue Lightning Breadcrumbs Bubbles Canada
Trail Checkers.gif Trail China.gif Trail Clouds.gif Trail Darkness.gif Trail Denmark.gif Trail Dots.gif Trail Dust.gif
Checkers China Clouds Darkness Denmark Dots Dust
Trail European Union.gif Trail Flames.gif Trail France.gif Trail Germany.gif Trail Iceland.gif Trail Japan.gif Trail Jolly Roger.gif
European Union Flames France Germany Iceland Japan Jolly Roger
Trail Netherlands.gif Trail Pink Hearts.gif Trail Rainbow.gif Trail Red Lightning.gif Trail Russia.gif Trail Salt.gif Trail Smoke.gif
Netherlands Pink Hearts Rainbow Red Lightning Russia Salt Smoke
Trail Sweden.gif Trail Toxic.gif Trail Trans Flag.gif Trail United Kingdom.gif Trail United States.gif Trail Voltage.gif Trail Yellow Hearts.gif
Sweden Toxic Trans Flag United Kingdom United States Voltage Yellow Hearts


Frame frosty.jpg Frame gold coins.jpg Frame grey circle.jpg Frame health and mana.jpg Frame jailed.jpg
Frosty Gold Coins Grey Health and Mana Jailed
Frame orange.jpg Frame orange circle.jpg Frame plants.jpg Frame red.jpg Frame rock.jpg
Orange Orange Circle Plants Red Rock
Frame rock circle.jpg Frame silver.jpg Frame Smoldering.gif Frame white.jpg Frame white circle.jpg
Rock Circle Silver Smoldering White White Circle

Companion Skins

Companion Cat Nyan.gif Companion Cat Snow.gif Companion Dog Corgi.gif Companion Dog Hound.gif Companion Imp Elf.gif Companion Imp Ninja.gif Companion Scarab Glowing.gif
Cat Nyan Cat Snow Dog Corgi Dog Hound Imp Elf Imp Ninja Scarab Glowing
Companion Scarab Ladybug.gif Companion Squire Jonas.gif Companion Squire Roman.gif Raven Parrot.gif Raven Toucan.gif Wyrm Festive Wyrm.gif Wyrm Jade Wyrm.gif
Scarab Ladybug Squire Jonas Squire Roman Raven Parrot Raven Toucan Wyrm Festive Wyrm Jade

Combo Effects

Combo Green Sphere.gif Combo Pulsing Wave.gif
Green Sphere Pulsing Wave
Combo Scarlet Flash.gif Combo Sparkling Mist.gif
Scarlet Flash Sparkling Mist
Combo Whirling Inferno.gif
Whirling Inferno


Bloody skeleton.jpg Charred skeleton.jpg Flowers.jpg Frozen skeleton.jpg Gargoyle.jpg
Bloody Skeleton Charred Skeleton Flowers Frozen Skeleton Gargoyle
Headstone.jpg Lantern.jpg Mushroom.jpg Pumpkin.jpg Pyramid.jpg
Headstone Lantern Mushroom Pumpkin Pyramid
Skeleton.jpg Sword.jpg Toadstool.jpg Tombstone.jpg Wooden cross.jpg
Skeleton Sword Toadstool Tombstone Wooden Cross

Gravestones will appear instead of your corpse if you die in multiplayer.


Name Category Cost Legacy Points
Pale Skin 500 50
Bronzed Skin 500 50
Ghastly Skin 2500 200
Gilded Skin 2500 200
Rock Skin 10000 500
Risen Skin 10000 500
Demonic Skin 10000 500
Frosted Skin 10000 500
Darkness Hair 10000 1000
Frozen Hair 10000 1000
Molten Hair 10000 1000
Emerald Hair 10000 1000
Rainbow Hair 10000 1000
Darkness Cloth 10000 1000
Frozen Cloth 10000 1000
Divine Cloth 10000 1000
Molten Cloth 10000 1000
Emerald Cloth 10000 1000
Rainbow Cloth 10000 1000
Darkness Metal 10000 1000
Frozen Metal 10000 1000
Molten Metal 10000 1000
Emerald Metal 10000 1000
Rainbow Metal 10000 1000
Darkness Leather 10000 1000
Frozen Leather 10000 1000
Molten Leather 10000 1000
Emerald Leather 10000 1000
Rainbow Leather 10000 1000
Darkness Wood 10000 1000
Frozen Wood 10000 1000
Molten Wood 10000 1000
Emerald Wood 10000 1000
Rainbow Wood 10000 1000
Name Legacy Points
Clouds 250
Smoke 250
Darkness 250
Dust 250
Flames 1500
Blue Lightning 1500
Red Lightning 1500
Voltage 250
Toxic 1500
Blizzard 1500
Rainbow 250
Pink Hearts 1500
Yellow Hearts 250
Trans Flag 50
Sweden 50
Denmark 50
Checkers 50
United States 50
China 50
Canada 50
Germany 50
Russia 50
Iceland 50
United Kingdom 50
Japan 50
Australia 50
France 50
Jolly Roger 50
a000ff 50
European Union 50
Netherlands 50
Salt 250
Breadcrumbs 250
Dots 250
Bubbles 250
Name Legacy Points
Grey Circle 50
Silver 50
Orange 50
White 50
Rock 50
Red 50
Jailed 250
Plants 250
Orange Circle 250
White Circle 250
Rock Circle 250
Red Circle 250
Gold Coins 1500
Health and Mana 1500
Frosty 1500
Smoldering 1500
Name Base Companion Legacy Points
Elf Imp 500
Ninja Imp 2500
Ladybug Scarab 100
Glowing Scarab 500
Parrot Raven 2500
Toucan Raven 2500
Snow Cat 50
Nyan Cat 2500
Corgi Dog 500
Hound Dog 2500
Jade Wyrm Wyrm 500
Festive Wyrm Wyrm 500
Combo Effects
Name Legacy Points
Purple Sphere Default
Green Sphere 100
Sparking Mist 500
Whirling Inferno 2500
Pulsing Wave 2500
Scarlet Flash 2500
Name Legacy Points
Tombstone 50
Headstone 50
Wooden Cross 50
Skeleton 50
Flowers 50
Mushroom 50
Pumpkin 250
Pyramid 250
Bloody Skeleton 250
Frozen Skeleton 250
Toadstool 250
Gargoyle 250
Lantern 1500
Charred Skeleton 1500
Sword 1500