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Money in multiplayer is shared and thus it does not matter who picks up the gold or ore, everyone will receive their respective amount. However, when someone has some +%gold or ore gain, the gold or ore gained between different players may differ.
For example, when Player 1 with a +%gold multiplier of 100% (default) picks up 100G, 100G will show up in their personal coffers.
Player 2 with a +%gold multiplier of 120% will instead receive 120G in their coffers.


Gold gain sources (Additive):

  • Thief Class Title: +0%-(techinally infinite, depends on character title)%, see Class Titles for more info
  • Cloak of Many Pockets: +50%, (100% when attuned)
  • Markham's Purse: +(# of items in inventory)%, (2% per item when attuned)
  • Lucky Charm: +1 Luck, +10% gold gain (+2, +20% when attuned)
  • NG+: +(20*NG_Level)%
  • A Fool's Errand: +100% gold gain, HP regen set to 0
  • When the player has a negative fortune from the Fountain, they gain +5% per negative fortune

Other Gold sources:

  • The Stones of Midas Set effect, +2 gold on kill
  • Gambling in the tavern. While you can technically gain gold, generally you will lose money
  • PoP.pngThe Arena, Upon completion of a match you will gain some gold and ore

Tax Rate

Tax is calculated by the amount you have in town and on hand.
However, the tax rate is reduced upon purchase of Treasury upgrades found in your town hall.
In multiplayer, tax rates are calculated individually based on each player's individual Treasury level. The host’s Treasury level is NOT shared.
The player will bring the most gold back to down by never depositing and successfully killing the dragon, as gold in hand is taxed at a lower rate. However this can be a large risk as dying means all gold and ore found is lost.

For a level 1 Treasury, you will reach 50% tax at 10K gold
Level 2 Treasury = 50% tax at 15K gold
Level 3 Treasury = 50% tax at 20K gold
Level 4 Treasury = 50% tax at 25K gold
Level 5 Treasury = 50% tax at 30K gold

Using the tax reduction Fountain fortune Offshore Accounts will increase the gold threshold by 4 times. For level 5 Treasury with Offshore Accounts fortune, 50% tax will be reached at 120K gold.

If you defeat the final boss, your gold and ore will be sent back to town automatically, almost like a normal deposit (i.e. you are still taxed) but the tax is lower than if you deposited yourself.

Money Pickup Base Values

Gold table
Image Gold Value Image Gold Value Image Gold Value Image Gold Value Image Gold Value Image Gold Value

Ore OrePickup.jpg

Ore gain is calculated individually, just like gold. Each ore found in the tower is worth 1 ore, but with multipliers can give more.
Ore is not taxed however, so it is a great way to bring money back to your town once everything is upgraded.

Ore can be used to upgrade a player's town, crafted into items at the Magic Anvil with Blueprints, and bought or sold at the Ore Trader.

Ore Trader prices:

Price for buying ore Price for selling ore
Tier 1 1500G 200G
Tier 2 1250G 350G
Tier 3 1000G 500G
Tier 4 800G 700G

Ore gain sources (Additive):

Other Ore sources:

  • PoP.pngThe Arena, Upon completion of a match you will gain some gold and ore