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Pyramid of Prophecy

When the player defeats Nerys, Nimbus is freed and is eternally indebted to you. To show his thanks, he now resides within the player's potion and will come out for 30 seconds plus 2 for every PoP NG+ level the player has beaten on that character. Nimbus deals 60 magical damage +10 per NG+ beaten and attacks just like the Sphere Djinn. Additionally, Nimbus adds 25 HP and Mana per level to your potion.

Additionally the player will receive 10 Skill Stars for each NG level they beat the pyramid on.

Moon Temple

Completing a run in the Moon Temple will reward the player with the Lunar Shield, which will half the damage you take for 4 hits if beaten on NG+0 and 2 extra hits for each NG+ beaten. It has a small cooldown between hits (2 seconds) and recharges every floor.

Additionally the player will receive 10 Skill Stars for each NG level they beat the Moon Temple.

Forsaken Tower

Class titles, which provide a buff to all your characters. After the initial 8 (6 from ng0, then 1 each from NG1 and NG2) which give unique named titles, the buffs continue at the rate of:

Class Bonus
Paladin +5 Armor
Ranger + 5 Attack Power
Sorcerer +0.5 Mana Regen
Warlock +5 Resistance
Thief +10% Gold Gain
Priest +0.4 Health Regen
Wizard +5 Skill Power
Gladiator +20% Primary attack Crit damage
Witch Hunter +20% Skill Crit damage

Legacy Coins

Prestige is earned by Mercenaries as they adventure, beat bosses, and complete campaigns. While the mercenary is alive, Prestige is the value that decides their current Class Level. On death it is transferred over to the Legacy Points total of the town. These Legacy Points can be spent at the Legacy shop for special cosmetics usable by all heroes.

Prestige is worked out according to the formula:

=INT(Floors Visited)+INT(Bosses Killed*10)+INT(POW(Tower NGP,2)*75)+INT(POW(Pyramid of Propecy NGP,2)*175)+INT(POW(Moon Temple NGP,2)*200)+INT(POW(Arena Level/4,2)*25)

The Arena

Drinks, Items and gold/ore scaling affect the amount of gold/ore received when beating the arena. The base values vary depending on the crowds favour with you, but will range from

  • Gold: 1000
  • Ore: 2
  • Exp: 1500


  • Gold : 5000
  • Ore : 10
  • Exp : 7500