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Prefabrications (or prefabs for short) are structures such as puzzles, traps, secrets, or simply even large rooms, that are pre-assembled and slightly randomized to make the random map generation more simple. These make up every generated map (the three floors of each act, minus the boss room). Any repeated structure can easily be identified as a prefab.

Breakable and hidden walls

Look for these breakable walls and secret corridors throughout your adventures to find items and treasure!

Act 1, The Mines

Act 2, The Prison

Act 3, The Armory

Act 4, The Archives


Act 5, The Chambers

Secret Rooms


You can find one of three different things behind cracked wall secret rooms:

  • A chest and some gold
  • RNG button, 3 types, each generating a random reward:
    • A button in the middle of a 5 x 5 grid
    • A button in the middle of a 5 x 5 grid with ~1/2 of the buttons missing
    • A button in the middle of a smaller 3 x 3 grid
      • Each spot on the floor has a 50% chance to pop up in the time before generating the reward.

Some of the smaller RNG rooms don't always give an item, however the largest one (pictured on the right) can give all item types, with commons appearing on the bottom, uncommons on the right, rares at the top, and epic or legendary on the left.

  • A legendary item can be obtained when all but 4 (or less) of the buttons are activated. Epic at 5 or 6 away.


Puzzles will be spread throughout your adventure. Solve them to claim prizes from gold to keys to chests containing powerful items!
There are several different types, some are self-explanatory, but a few don't let blind guessing through.
The most common puzzles involve spike traps and projectiles. These are easily solvable given a little pattern recognition skill, then there are the other types which can become a mini-game in their own right.

Spoiler Alert! If you do not wish have these puzzles revealed and explained, stop here.

Lightning Run

Lightning Puzzle.jpg

Should you see a 3 x 3 pattern of squares on the floor with lightning bolts, congratulations, you have met the lightning run!
From the moment you step on the blank tile, the timer starts. Race to the next unlit tile as many times as you can before the timer finishes.
As you touch the unlit tiles, the 5 tiles on the left hand side of the 3 x 3 grid will start light up one by one. This indicates the level of prize you will receive.
The highest prize is tough to achieve as there is little margin for error.
Having high movement speed will be a great advantage here. A tip is that the next unlit tile must be 1 away from the previous unlit tile, and can be diagonally from the previous one.

From highest to lowest the rewards are:

  • Silver locked chest
  • Bronze locked chest
  • Unlocked chest
  • Bronze key
  • Apple

The locked chests need keys, so if you don't have any, try not to complete the puzzle to the highest level or you will miss out on your reward!

Lights Out

Lights Out.jpg

This little head-scratcher can be difficult for those who are inexperienced with the puzzle and often lead to reduced rewards.
Brute force will not get you through this puzzle with a good reward!
It consists of a 3 x 3 grid, with panels that are either lit up or dark. There is also a treasure spawn panel to the right.
Each time you step on a panel, it and all the adjacent panels will change state: if they were off, they are now on. If they were on, they are now off.
The objective is to have all the panels lit up.
You are allowed to make a few mistakes and still get the best reward, but only 3 or 4.

There is also a 5 x 5 version of this puzzle in the Archives that can appear extremely rarely.

From highest to lowest the 3 x 3 rewards are:

  • Silver locked chest
  • Bronze locked chest
  • Unlocked chest
  • Bronze key
  • Food or gem pickup(?)

From highest to lowest the 5 x 5 rewards are:

  • Ace Key (perfect)
  • Gold locked chest
  • Silver locked chest
  • Bronze locked chest
  • ?
  • Apple

Symbol Memory

Symbol Memory.jpg

This puzzle has you test your memory. Once you press the button 5 different symbols will appear in the 3 x 3 grid randomly, but there will always be 3 Λ's, 2 O's, 2 X's, 1 Y and 1 Z.
Each symbol type will light up in the order you should press them. You have unlimited(?) time to complete this puzzle, but you cannot reset it and try again.
If you feel like this puzzle is too troublesome taking a screenshot will allow you to easily solve it.

From highest to lowest the rewards are:

  • Silver locked chest
  • Silver Key
  • Bronze locked chest
  • Unlocked chest
  • Bronze Key(?)
  • Apple

Guess The Order


This puzzle tasks you with guessing the order to press the 4 buttons. Each wrong guess will drop a bunch of bombs in the room and explode shortly after.
You are allowed 3 wrong guesses while still being eligible for the best reward.
There are no hints for this "puzzle" on the floor or in the puzzle itself, being based purely on RNG. Guessing is your only option.
Even if you guess wrong every time, so long as you don't repeat failed attempts you will beat the puzzle in 7 attempts (6 fails and 1 win).

From highest to lowest the rewards are:

  • Silver locked chest
  • Bronze locked chest
  • Unlocked chest
  • Bronze Key

Remember the Path


This is a 5 x 5 puzzle that appears in the Archives where, once you press the button a path will be lit up tile by tile and it's your job to remember and repeat it.
You are timed upon stepping onto a tile so doing the puzzle slowly will not fly. The path can loop back on itself and if you misstep once you lose.

From highest to lowest the rewards are:

  • Golden locked chest
  • Silver locked chest
  • Bronze locked chest
  • Wooden Chest
  • Apple