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This page may contain spoilers regarding Heroes of Hammerwatch. Continue on if you have already seen these bosses or do not mind spoilers.

There are currently five bosses in Heroes of Hammerwatch, one for each act. Each boss is designed to increase in difficulty in later acts, and is substantially more powerful than the predecessors. After a boss is cleared for the first time on a character, playing through that act with that character causes a portal to spawn on the first floor of the relevant act. This portal can be entered to bypass the 3 floors and boss room of the act, while giving six items by clearing the gauntlet of enemies presented before the player.


Act 1, The Mines boss: Stone Guardian

File:Act1 boss2x.png
The Stone Guardian

Monster type: Construct. This boss is a large entity made of stone and guards the entrance to the Dungeon. He uses two attacks, one where he slams the ground and causes bats to spawn and stalagmites to fall, and another where he sends a wave of earth spikes protruding from the ground towards a player. In new game plus a nova of earth spikes radiate from the Stone guardian when he uses his slam and the normal earth spikes move homes in on the player.

Act 2, The Prison boss: The Warden

Monster type: Undead. Stationed at the entrance of the dungeon, this gargantuan has several moves. His most dangerous move is the spinning attack which deals consistent damage if you stay within his range. His other attacks include mace smash (melee AOE), crossbow shot (high damage single target). Other hazards in this boss fight include bola throwers that root you in place and make you vulnerable to other attacks. There are also 4 invincible turrets on the sides that occasionally shoots arrows at the player. In new game plus, the warden also throws several bombs during the spin attack.

Act 3, The Armory boss: The Three Wraiths

File:Act3 boss2x.png
The Three Wraiths

The Three Wraiths, Councilor of War, Councilor of Magic, and Councilor of Wisdom, are of the Undead monster type. The Councilor of War wields a scythe and performs a short-range circular AOE slash and then release a homing spooky missile towards the player. The Councilor of Magic briefly channels before releasing a nova of magical purple projectiles. The Councilor of Wisdom lays down its staff and causes several AOE circles that slow the players movement. There are three statues in the arena and damaging them also causes damage to the respective Wraiths, although the resistance on the statues are much higher and thus take a lot less damage compared to attacking the Wraiths directly. If one of the Wraiths is slain, the remaining Wraiths become enraged and starts to dish out much more potent versions of their attacks. For example, the enraged Councilor of Wisdom attack will cause the AOE slow circle to deal an insane amount of damage comparable to being on a spike trap that slows you!

Act 4, The Archives boss: The Watcher

The Watcher is a large eyeball, monster type: aberration. This boss fight is split into several phases, specifically five sections in which you fight the boss and four sections in which you must complete a summoning ritual.

Boss Phases

During these phases, you will be fighting the Watcher itself. Here, he has three main attacks: Spinning his orbs rapidly, shooting several spiked projectiles that shatter, and creating eye summoning traps in the arena. Every time you return to the boss phase, the number of orbs that orbit the boss will be increased by one. Each phase ends once the boss reaches a certain health threshold after which you will be unable to damage him (!s will appear rather than damage numbers) and he will teleport away.

Ritual Phase

During these phases, there will be an option of four different books to choose from to start one of the four different rituals (Malign Transformation, Blood Pact, Embrace the Dark, Withering Decay). The order in which the player must complete these rituals depends on the chapter number of the books they found in the earlier levels of archives. If a ritual is done out of order, it will fail and the player will be forced to try the other ones until they select the correct ritual. During the ritual, several eyes will spawn and rush towards the player. After a certain amount of time, an eye mini-boss will spawn (two if in multiplayer) and attack the player. After a certain amount of time, the ritual will be complete. Each of the four rituals also has an extra effect:

  • Malign Transformation - The walls will shift around. Anything that is crushed by a wall will take TONS amount of damage
  • Blood Pact - All the eyes will have the bloodlust buff increasing their speed and damage
  • Embrace the Dark - The arena will get dark except for around the book
  • Withering Decay - All of the eyes will leave poison on the ground that, upon contact, will poison the player

Act 5, The Chambers boss: Thundersnow

Monster type: Beast. By the time you get to chambers, this boss should be easy.