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This building allows you to choose 3 permanent buffs to aid your character in their journey (for a price).

Blessing Paths Explained

When you choose your first blessing, you may ONLY choose the two blessings underneath it in the next tier.
Example: If you choose Path of Warrior in Tier 1, you may choose Blessing of Might or Blessing of Life, but NOT Blessing of Mind or Blessing of Intellect from Tier 2.

Chapel ui.gif

Tier 1 Blessings

Unlocked in Town Hall Tier 2 upgrades.
Costs 10,000 gold.

Path of Warrior
Increases damage of your primary attack by 20%

Path of Defender
Decreases damage taken by 20%

Path of the Magician
Increases damage of your skills by 20%

Tier 2 Blessings

Unlocked in Town Hall Tier 3 upgrades.
Costs 30,000 gold.

Blessing of Might
Physical damage ignores 20% of the enemies armor

Blessing of Life
Increases your health regen by 100%

Blessing of Mind
Increases your mana regen by 100%

Blessing of Intellect
Magical damage ignores 20% of the enemies resistance

Tier 3 Blessings

Unlocked in Town Hall Tier 5 upgrades.
Costs 50,000 gold.

Symbol of Force
Increases critical damage on your primary attack by 100%

Symbol of Essence
Gain 2.5% lifesteal on primary attack

Symbol of Retribution
Returns 250% damage to the attacker when hit

Symbol of Wisdom
Decreses the mana cost of your skills by 25%

Symbol of Focus
Increases critical damage of skills by 100%

Resetting Blessings

You may pay gold to reset your blessings by clicking the "Convert" button and purchase new ones at any time.

  • Tier 1 Conversion (5,000 gold)
  • Tier 2 Conversion (15,000 gold)
  • Tier 3 Conversion (40,000 gold)