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The Magical anvil is located next to the blacksmith of the Town once retrieved from the Armory. Once the anvil is collected, players can see and collect blueprints for Items up to the Rare quality. Upon collection, blueprints will be available for use on all your characters.

Item Attunement

In the anvil menu, you can use skill stars to attune items.

When attuned the potency of your items are doubled. The best way to think of it is like having two copies of the same item in your inventory. For example, an attuned blackjack does not mean you have 20% stun for 4 seconds. Instead, an attuned blackjack gives you two separate rolls for 10% to stun for 2 seconds; this leads to a cumulative 19% chance to stun for 2 seconds.

You can attune as many items as you want as long as you have skills stars and the blueprints. Attuned buffs will be applied to all items you gain from any source. Also, note that this must be done for each individual character.

Item Forge

You can forge one item every run from the magical anvil using ore.

Item cost
Item attuning Item forging
Common 3 Stars 5 Ore (10 if a set item)
Uncommon 9 Stars 10 Ore (20 if a set item)
Rare 18 Stars 25 Ore (40 if a set item)

Item Availability

Some items aren't available due to balancing. All other items have their own blueprint to find in your adventures. The table below lists the missing items.

Common Uncommon Rare
Vendor's Coin Apothecary's Mortar Pestle Magebane
Scroll of Magic Missile: Page 1 Apothecary's Sphere Shieldbreaker
Scroll of Magic Missile: Page 2 Fancy Plume Cape of the Flamewalker
Old map
Talisman of Decay
Hero Unknown's Frying Pan
Shaftelocke Pickaxe