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In addition to raising a player's level cap by 5, doing a NG+ run will yield more [[Money#Gold|Gold]] and [[Money#Ore|Ore]].<br>
In addition to raising a player's level cap by 5, doing a NG+ run will yield more [[Money#Gold|Gold]] and [[Money#Ore|Ore]].<br>
The amount of extra gold and ore is +(20 * NG_level)%.
The amount of extra gold and ore is +(20 * NG_level)%.
Note that the shops (not in the town) will also have their prices increased by 20%, matching the NG+ gain.

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New Game Plus is unlocked once the player defeats Thundersnow for the first time.

After NG+ is unlocked, it's unlocked for all characters in your town. This extends to multiplayer where if the host is the only person who has unlocked NG+3, then everyone can join in a NG+3 run, however some of the players may not be able to get above level 20, 25, etc. as their character has not beaten Thundersnow on a previous New Game level.

A play-through without any NG+ levels added on can be referred to as a NG+0 run. This is how all players start out.



When a player beats Thundersnow for the first time, their character will gain a +1 next to their name when selecting that character from the main menu. An extra number appears when the player beats Nerys in the Pyramid of Prophecy to show their rank in the DLC dungeon.

This means that that character is allowed to gain an extra 5 levels per NG beaten. Their level cap has been raised.
This can be viewed in the character menu by hovering over experience.

There is no cap on what NG level the player can play assuming they or the host of the group has beaten the level before it. Thus by the same means, the player level has no maximum either.


In addition to raising a player's level cap by 5, doing a NG+ run will yield more Gold and Ore.
The amount of extra gold and ore is +(20 * NG_level)%.

Note that the shops (not in the town) will also have their prices increased by 20%, matching the NG+ gain.


If you have not unlocked the Magic Anvil yet then it should appear with near certainty in any NG+ run's Armory.
Uncommon blueprints and dyes can appear in NG+1, rare ones in NG+2 and above. The same goes for Tavern drinks.

  • Player's Armor is reduced by (NG_level^.75) * 50
  • Player's Resistance is reduced by (NG_level^.75) * 40

To select which NG+ level you wish to play on, talk to the guard next to the tower entrance and select your level.

Lastly, NG+1 and beyond have a flat 15% increase to their size and 33% more enemies compared to NG+0. This increase stacks multiplicatively if the player also takes the Bigger Floors Fountain fortune.

Enemy Changes

There are numerous enemy changes in different NG+ levels. All in an attempt to make each NG level more difficult and rewarding than the last.
In addition to the following changes, enemies are slightly faster and have higher HP, armor, and resistance.

The following is the enemy defense and HP scaling formulas, where NG is your New Game Plus level:

  • HP: (Base + (NG*15)) * (1 + (NG*2.75))
  • Armor/Resistance: (Base + (NG*5)) * ((NG+1)^0.33)

Enemies also give more XP to compensate for the increased player level. See the Experience equation for more info.



  • Spined Maggot now fires an extra shot
  • Massive Ticks now enter blood rage for a few seconds upon getting it
  • Elite Skeleton Bowmen fire an additional arrow for a total of 5. Standing still to dodge doesn't work anymore
  • All Man Eaters now fire out a nova of spikes every few attacks. This is denoted by their mouth appearing and disappearing twice
  • Liches now fire an extra magical shot per attack (?)
  • Trappers now throw an additional Bola
  • The Ghostcaller can now summon ghosts when damaged
  • Fallen Thief fires an additional knife
  • Fallen Sorcerer drops an additional spike from the ceiling, they are lined up linearly toward you
  • Fallen Paladin can now use Whirlwind
  • Fallen Priest can now use Consecrated Ground
  • The Monstrous Eye now summons smaller eyes as it moves in addition to the ones it already summons
  • Elite Lich now fires an additional homing magic orb, for a total of 3
  • Battle Mage now sends out an additional wave of magic
  • Frost Lich fires an additional spike at you, widening his ark
  • All Wisps now shoot out their respective attacks in all directions on death. Green Wisp fires 5, Blue fires 7(?), Red fires 16(?)
  • Ice Elemental can now use Whirlwind
  • Stone Gargoyle's trident throw now throws 3 tridents.


  • The Stone Guardian's spike wave now has a homing wave, the middle one. His smash now also sends out a nova of spike waves in all directions
  • The Warden now throws out bombs as he spins
  • The Watcher gains attributes of the rituals once completed
  • Thundersnow fires 2 extra icicles at the player



  • All bats now fire projectiles when not in rage for a melee attack
  • Massive Maggot's shots now leave an area of poison on the ground for a few seconds at the site each shot died
  • Normal and Elite Skeleton archers now fire 2 volleys per attack
  • Skeleton Captain's main attack is replaced with a spin attack. This is a single 360 degree swipe
  • All Man Eaters now send out 3 waves of spikes
  • The Frost Lich can now place down a frost AOE that severely slows the player while within it, and a few seconds after leaving it. Also fires more icicles
  • All Wisp shots now bounce off walls once
  • The Monstrous Eye and Beamo Tower fire 3 confusion lasers at the player in a small spread
  • All Eyes (not Monstrous) now lunge at the player once they reach a certain distance from them
  • Elite Lich fires 2 volleys per attack(NG+1?)
  • All Nova Tower shots bounce 2 times before disappearing


  • All the spikes that fall from the ceiling now each fire out 3 spike waves, evenly spaced apart
  • The Warden now fires 3 arrows when he uses his crossbow
  • The Watcher's rituals now spawn a confusion orb that follows the nearest player to it, and when contact is made confusion and some damage is applied to the player



  • Lich and Elite Lich shots now bounce twice
  • Wisps have a 50% chance to either explode or turn into another wisp one tier lower. Green wisps always explode


  • The Warden's arrow turrets now fire 3 volleys per attack
  • The Watcher now has a spike spray attack. Sprays spikes in an arc for a few seconds constantly directed at the player
  • Thundersnow's stomp now stuns the player for 1/2 a second when hit


  • No further changes to enemies other than ramping